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The Carrier Oils

The Carrier Oils

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Carrier Oils are liquid substances obtained by expression of type oil seeds (almonds , hazelnuts, sesame ) or pericarp type ( olive or olive) . In Aromatherapy are also usually called oil "base " vehicle "," fixed "," carrying "," porter "," fatty oils " etc..

The carrier oils are very volatile and are not soluble in water or alcohol, diluted to different degrees perfectly Essential Oils therefore sometimes used for adulterating or leg make the preparation of suitable oils for use .

Carrier Oils penetrate very well through human skin, showing however, differences between the different types of oils in the rate of penetration, quality that is used to perform different types of massages.

With the passage of time and exposure to air, light or moisture, Carrier Oils , Essential Oils like , become rancid , as a result of the decomposition of fatty acids they contain.


The oil has been extracted in all parts of the world, in all times , in different plant species and multi- technical systems. Humans have used not only for food, also as a religious element , intended to anoint and bless people , as loving ointments, cosmetics and skin care and smooth as cleaning substances from the body or even as light sources.


Being widely consumed substances are treated and extracted industrially. There are two main types of production, which is a function of the raw materials used:

1.       Oleaginous fruits, From the oleaginous fruits , almonds and hazelnuts , walnuts , peanuts, olive , palm, coconut. These fruits contain, not only oil and grease, but also water -or glucose, protein and minerals, therefore is essential to separate the oil from the other components of the transform result, obtaining a mass called “marc" . First, the fruit are washed thoroughly, debarked or removed bone, crushed and laminated. This is normally done in mills or shredders - rolling cylinders, in order to obtain a paste which is kneaded and pressed to remove the oil from the residue. This operation, as well as the mechanical pressure of the mass can be made with or without heating

2.       Oilseeds. In the case of oilseeds, these are dehusked, separating the husk of the seed , such as sunflower , cleaned , ground - laminated as oleaginous fruits and baked at 90-100 ° C , and was later squeezed , and separating the pomace oil . In most industrial processes, the extraction is carried out by solvent (as in the case of absolute in aromatherapy) which are subsequently evaporated. With the exception of olive oil, all oils obtained at the output of a press are not really intended for human consumption for various reasons (bad taste , odor, impurities that limit conservation). There is need for a refined that aims to maintain the organoleptic characteristics and stability of the oil, trying to optimize it.

Carrier oils suitable for aromatherapy should be:

1.       Organic or organic oils .

2.       Derived from the first cold pressing .

3.       In the event of suffering any refining process, which is of physical type ( filter , physical separation of impurities or substances that give bad odor and do conservation unstable ) .

4.       Do not use carrier oils for Aromatherapy consumer , industrial processes to which they are subjected , as they can alter .

We also evaluate that by using a massage overly greasy, smelly and thick oil , it can be counterproductive if appropriate, because it can alter or cancel the aromatic effect of essential oils , being the cause of an unpleasant sensation in the person receiving the massage because of the oily smell, touch and even sticky stains clothing , so you need to find a good balance between excellent quality of vegetable oil and a pleasant and suitable characteristics. For use in aromatherapy is essential to assess the use of good quality vegetable oil refined , and use of those virgins that allow good use and do not interfere with treatment.

The main carrier oils and their characteristics are:

SWEET ALMOND: The sweet almond oil is especially suitable for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. It is emollient, softening, moisturizing and relieves inflammation. Widely used in the cosmetic industry for its therapeutic properties, it combines well with any essential oil.

AVOCADO: Avocado oil is rich and nutritious, and is suitable for little fed, dehydrated and mature, stimulating metabolic processes in the skin. High in vitamin E and excellent antioxidant promotes collagen generation and improves the hair structure. It is ideal as a sunscreen.

JOJOBA: Jojoba oil has a light, penetrating texture, which makes it valuable for all skin types. Its moisturizing and emollient properties make him highly valued oil in aromatherapy. Contains vitamin E, and prevents premature skin aging. It is ideal for mature skin.

WHEAT GERM: The wheat germ oil is moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating and protecting against sun rays. Is also added to other carrier oils to prolong its shelf life.

CORN: Corn oil is wonderful carrier oil and is also ideal for the manufacture of soaps, given its high level of unsaturated fatty acids.

SESAME: Sesame oil tones the skin, combating sagging and protected from sunlight. It is mixed with other oils to enrich them.

HAZELNUT: Hazelnut oil is light, easily absorbed and slightly astringent. Suitable for oily skin or acne, as it is very nutritious and helps to close pores. Helps reduce inflammation of the skin, and can be mixed with other base oil to reduce its nutty smell.

COCO: fractionated coconut oil and refined oil can be used as very light massage and quickly absorbed. For its mild flavor goes well with any essential oil. Especially suitable for skin weakened.

APRICOT: The apricot kernel oil is highly nutritious and versatile and can be used on all skin types. Particularly suitable for mature, dry, sensitive and inflamed skin.

OLIVE: Olive oil is an antioxidant and helps protect the skin against the damaging effects of free radicals, delaying aging.

GRAPE: The grape seed oil is a source of antioxidants. Your components trap free radicals generated by lipid. Reduces skin damage.