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Only4Senses is  young yet experienced, with a limitless passion counseling and distribution of natural products.
We are convinced that a look inside the human being, with a search for spiritual nourishment based on a closeness to nature, the true nature of man is needed.
We are committed to the solutions that we share, so we are able to ensure products and services we offer.
Our essential oils are sourced from all over the world using fair trade policies, with honesty, commitment to sustainability, we believe in a balanced, respectful and sustainable economy.
Our 100 % pure essential oils, no chemical preservatives or additives that may alter its purity. Are indicated for apply in Aromatherapy, we offer all your vital force. Traceability control, with special emphasis on the quality of them: we know what we supply. Treatment is handmade, with handling all the guarantees required, so we guarantee the quality and purity of essential oils.
Advice for use of essential oils we offer are informative and can not replace the experience and knowledge of health professionals. For pregnant or minors, we recommend caution and always consult a medical professional before using any essential oil.
Our range of products is variable, so we recommend that you periodically accedáis our web, as we will expand as we find products that comply with all the requirements that we impose for us and suppliers, for you, users of our products.

For any comment or incident, we urge you to contact us, preferably by email to the e mail address.





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