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Body Oil Fatty 100ml

Body Oil Fatty 100ml

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Properties: High in Vitamin E. Antioxidant and excellent skin regenerator especially suitable for oily or acne skin. It purifies the acne and improves the scars.

Jojoba oil is more a liquid wax than an oil. Contains more than 80% of monounsaturated fatty acids and ceramides. It acts as a regulating sebum, dissolving the impurities of the skin. It is very beneficial for skin problems. It is recommended in all types of skins, even in oily skin, purifies acne and improves scars. Penetrates very easily and contributes a satin effect.

The vegetable oil of grape seed, of first cold pressure, presents a soft texture and does not grease. It contains 70% essential fatty acid (omega-6), 18% oleic acid (omega-9) high in Vitamin E.

It has no aroma and its texture is soft and non-greasy which makes it an ideal oil for massages. Recommended in all types of skins, even fat. It is antioxidant and prevents skin aging, nourishing the skin in depth.

Geranium essential oil is an excellent skin regenerator especially suitable for oily or acne skin, since its main characteristic is that it regulates the production of sebum in the skin, in addition to having regenerative properties, also recommended in mature skin.

Precautions: Not recommended during the first three months of pregnancy and lactation

These properties and applications have been obtained from reference works in the field of aromatherapy and use of vegetable and essential oils. All information on this page is for informational purposes only, and can not be considered as medical information, nor does it compromise our legal responsibility. Consult your doctor or health professional trained in aromatherapy for a specific and appropriate therapeutic treatment.


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